Invitation to exhibition

Please feel invited to the ‘Sabat’ exhibition co-curated by our doctoral student Lidia Krawczyk. It features several women artists, some of whom work in the Fine Arts department of the Pedagogical University.


Curators: Lidka Krawczyk, Magdalena Lazar

Podbrzezie Gallery
Podbrzezie Street 2, 31-054 Krakow, Poland

Opening 29.10.2021 at 19:00
Duration: 30.10 – 27.11.2021

Featured artists: Małgorzata Markiewicz, Natalia Kopytko, Marta Niedbał, Daria Malicka, Malwina Niespodziewana, Ewa Ciepielewska, Alicja Pismenko, Luka Woźniczko, Eliška Konecná, Katerina Olivová, Marta Ziółek, Dominika Olszowy, Kaja Gliwa

Here is a machine translation of the exhibition’s description:

Women’s creative energy can take many forms. It stems from the eternal need to give vent to the drive for creation, which becomes the driving force of the world. A woman who creates and weaves the threads of her stories is like a witch looking into a magic potion. These alchemical narratives in art are present in the works of the artists invited to SABAT, who not only rise above everyday rituals, but are often not afraid to cast spells, wanting to puncture situations of apparent comfort with their voices. The echoes of magical and surreal stories float in the area of both metaphysical art and pop culture. Admittedly, each of these spaces is governed by its own laws, but they both share a desire to reach the unspeakable, to work through the horror using alchemy and the “romantic side of reality”.

Who is this figure of a witch for us and our invited artists? Why do we need her now?

The witch in contemporary customs is sometimes subjected to oppressive procedures, including exclusion and marginalization of her presence. The fact is that it is pejoratively associated with everything that is founded on the margins of taste and culture. It is identified with transgression on every level, physical, psychological, medical, political, religious, economic. It shatters order, causes discomfort, demands change, criticizes systems of oppression. It is wisdom, but not the kind that can be associated with the rationality of the old philosophers. Her knowledge has nothing to do with logic, including the capitalist order. Although her image has found its place there as well. Because we know that everything can be consumed as long as it is well seasoned. It is a very handy figure when one wants to talk about metaphysics and nature. From this, we are only a step away from the fashion for wizardry, a culture of personal well-being that can be achieved by connecting with your gentle goddess. However, let’s not forget that a witch is also a curse.

The moment we get rid of our preconceptions we discover the rich layers of feminine power and potency of mother-nature that can heal, support, encourage, foretell the future, enchant reality. It is melting into unity with the world of plants and animals. It is wisdom, so much needed to pave the way in the chaos of overactive demands and messages.Translated with (free version)

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