Arts Studies

Proposed candidates for supervisors

  • Institutional environment of the arts sector
  • Art in a system of institutional dependencies
  • Institutional critique
  • Cultural policy at state and local government level
  • Management of the cultural sector
  •  Recipients of cultural activities and audience development
  • Accessibility of the arts in the context of diverse audience needs
  • Educational potential of the arts
  • Problems of the creative process and ways of conceptualising it (artist – affect – event)
  • Creative performances and performances of reception in the relational spaces of art
  • Artistic (re)presentations of experience in recent theatre (narratives, epiphanies, embodiment, remediation)
  • Between affect and the languages of the arts: the dramaturgy of the (in)expressibility of experience
  • Actor versus performer: from the performance stage to the event stage
  • New technologies and new media on stage: affective interfaces, immersion, feedback in hybrid realities
  • British cinema
  • American cinema
  • Irish cinema
  • British culture
  • American culture
  • British society
  • American society
  • Stanley Kubrick
  • Contemporary art and its relationship to philosophy and literature
  • film studies (example areas: memory studies in relation to cinema; postmodernism in film; retro in cinema; history of cinema; American cinema; contemporary western cinema; poetics; narrative; mainstream cinema)

Other disciplines

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