Ngenge Ransom Tanyu

Programme: Ph.D. in Political Science and Administration

Project title: Higher education policies in Africa and Agenda 2063: a case study of CEMAC countries

Supervisor: Prof. Joanna Bar, Ph.D.

Mr. Tanyu’s doctoral dissertation examines higher education policies across CEMAC countries and their changes to reflect Agenda 2063 in order to meet 21st century demands. This topic, which so far has not been the subject of scientific analysis in Poland and also in the international arena, has been assessed as innovative.

Mr. Tanyu will complete an M.A. in International Security Management from the Berlin School of Economics and Law by March 2022. He holds an MPhil. in Public Administration from the University of Bergen, Norway and a B.Sc. in Political Science with a minor in History from the University of Buea, Cameroon.

His research focuses on politics of environmental crises, public policy, higher education studies, ethnic politics, nationalism, and international migration studies. He has a passion for learning and envisions an African continent where access to knowledge is no longer an obstacle. Find out more about Mr. Tanyu’s Africa Online & Publications Library project at

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