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The Pedagogical University of Krakow, which is the oldest and highest-ranking pedagogical university in Poland, has an established position in the European Higher Education Area and cooperates extensively with universities from all over Europe and beyond. The University offers a modern and well-developed research, didactic and IT infrastructure as well as accommodation, sports and other facilities.

An organized form of doctoral education at the Pedagogical University was launched in 1963. After a major change of Poland’s law on higher education, the Doctoral School was established in 2019. It offers training in general academic and social skills, specialized training in each discipline and interdisciplinary elective courses. The School also provides funding for research and opportunities for academic exchanges and other scholarly activities. There are currently 13 disciplines in which doctoral training is carried out at the School. The University holds the right to grant a doctoral degree in each of those disciplines.

Doctoral education at the Pedagogical University is provided by a highly qualified academic staff. Each instructor must prove considerable experience in the subject they teach, as well as a significant research dossier in the discipline, including international achievements. As a rule, courses at the Doctoral School are taught in Polish or English (or both). If a course is taught mainly in Polish, the lecturer must submit a written statement explaining how skills and knowledge will be transferred to foreign students and what the verification of the learning effects will be. Supervisors are appointed strictly on the basis of their research competence and experience in the area of the doctoral student’s project. If necessary, a second supervisor may be appointed from another Polish or a foreign university.

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