1. An eligible candidate must hold a Master’s (or an equivalent degree) in the field of pedagogy. .

2. Possible subject areas for a PhD project include:

−> general pedagogy
−> social pedagogy
−> comparative pedagogy
−> family pedagogy
−> media pedagogy
−> pre-school and school pedagogy
−> special needs pedagogy
−> andragogy
−> general and detailed didactics

3. The recruitment procedure is carried out in the form of a competition, where points are assigned for each step of the evaluation process:

a) A research project (0-15 pts.), which may be an outline of the prospective PhD dissertation. The project should be written in Polish or English and should contain not less than 10,000 and not more than 20,000 characters without spaces. The project is evaluated by two reviewers representing the discipline, appointed by the chairperson of the selection committee from among researchers entitled to supervise PhD projects and specializing in the area specified in the project. The average of points granted by each of the reviewers in the following categories constitutes a final evaluation of the project:

−> formulating the research objective (0-3 pts.)
−> knowledge of the current state of research (0-3 pts.)
−> proposed research methodology (0-3 pts.)
−> originality and cognitive value (0-3 pts.)
−> feasibility of the project (0-3 pts.)

b) An interview (0-20 pts.), the aim of which is verification of the canidate’s competence and research interests in relation to the proposed project as well as their general knowledge in Pedagogy. The interview may be conducted in Polish or English. The final evaluation of the interview is the average of points awarded by each member of the Selection Committee in the following categories:

−> oral presentation of the research project against the current state of research in Pedagogy (0-5 pts.)
−> justification of the project: its premises, objectives, proposed methodology as well as an awareness of the project’s social and ethical dimension (0-5 pts.)
−> participating in an academic discussion (0-5 pts.)
−> feasibility of the project (0-5 pts.)

c) Evaluation of scholarly activity within the last five years (0-7 pts.):

−> publication in a scientific journal indexed in the Scopus/Web of Science database (0-2 pts.)
−> publication in a scientific journal, publication of a monograph book or a chapter in a monograph book published by a press included in the list of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (0-1 pt.)
−> activity in a research club (0-1 pt.)
−> participation with a paper in a scientific conference of an international range (0-1 pts.)
−> national or international internships or scholarships of min. 7 days (0-1 pt.)
−> awards or scientific honours (0-1 pt.)

For publications, submission of relevant certificates / confirmations and printouts is required.