As the registration system is available in Polish only, below is a detailed, step-by-step guide to the registration and document submission process.

The first stage is to create your application account in the ESR (electronic enrolment) system. When you go to the registration page, the first panel you are going to see is this:

Basically, what it says is: fill in all the necessary fields and do not close the browser (or tab) before you finish by clicking on the button ZATWIERDŹ [SUBMIT]. After you finish, make sure you remember your login number and password. The blue button says: START REGISTRATION.

(By the way, if you click on the DOCTORAL SCHOOL – GUIDE menu element at any moment during the registration, a new tab will open with this guide.)

The next panel is the terms and conditions of the registration process.

Here’s what it says: 

Before setting up an individual account in ESR system, read all information on the Doctoral School website

Next, read the following declarations and obligations, which should be accepted while entering the qualification procedure for the Doctoral School at the Pedagogical University of Krakow.

The candidate’s declarations and obligations

1. I declare that I know the terms and conditions of the registration and qualification procedure for Doctoral School candidates. In particular, I have read all the information available on the Doctoral School website

2. I acknowledge that enrolment in the Doctoral School is carried out on the basis of the data transferred electronically via my account in the ESR system and I bear full responsibility for submitting partial, erroneous or false data during the registration process, as well as for the consequences thereof, including an elimination from the list of candidates qualified for admission or admitted to the Doctoral School.

3. I give consent that all information related to the enrolment procedure, in particular to deadlines, qualification requirements, decisions of the selection committee and conditions of admission to the Doctoral School, will be sent to me via my account in the ESR system or by email to the address submitted through the electronic questionnaire. I agree to regularly read such information and I bear responsibility for the consequences of not meeting this obligation. 

4. If I am qualified to be admitted to the Doctoral School, I understand my admission will be conditional on submitting all the necessary documents, including those confirming the right to take up education in the Doctoral School and those confirming the data sent during the registration procedure. I acknowledge that not enrolling within a given deadline will be understood as withdrawal of the application for admission to the Doctoral School and will result in my exclusion from any subsequent procedure. 

5. I declare that I have read the  Information concerning the processing of personal data of Doctoral School Candidates


By checking the check box on the right, I confirm that I have read and accepted the declarations above.


If you have carefully read the information above and you accept the content of the declarations, select DALEJ (NEXT). Otherwise, select ANULUJ (CANCEL), which terminates the process of setting up an account.

After you choose DALEJ (NEXT), you’ll see this:

After you choose (presumably) “I am not a Polish citizen”, you’ll see additional fields:

The field OBYWATELSTWO asks for your citizenship. The drop-down list displays names of citizenship in Polish, but you may simply fill in the field with the English name of your citizenship (e.g. Dutch or Chinese).

The second field says: “I hold the Polish Card”. If you have no idea what this is, simply check NIE (NO).

Now you can click on DALEJ. (WSTECZ means BACK; ANULUJ means CANCEL.)

Throughout the process, the fields not marked with an asterisk are not mandatory.

The next panel is this:

The “Type of document” must be selected from the drop-down list:

Dow. osobisty = National ID
Paszport = yes, you got it!

Fo the “Country of issue” you don’t really need to use the drop-down list, just type in your country’s English name.

By the way, apologies for the binary gender selection system.

After you fill in all the fields and click DALEJ, you’ll be asked for your address:

This is the Polish format (you might be living in Poland, right?). If you’ve selected “Other than Polish”, the COUNTRY field will be open for edition and the VOIVODESHIP field will not show.

If the mailing address is different from the home address, you’ll just get a clone of the address panel.

The next panel says:

W taki sposób zaadresujemy korespondencję do Ciebie

which means: “That’s the address we’ll send our correspondence to.”

After you click DALEJ again, you’ll be asked to set your password:

After you click DALEJ, you get a summary panel, which lets you check the accuracy of the information you have fed into the system. If everything looks good, click ZATWIERDŹ [SUBMIT]. If not, you can click POPRAW DANE (CORRECT YOUR DATA), which will take you back to panel one of the registration process.

After you submit your data, you should get an email from UCZELNIAXP. Pay attention to this part:

Twój login to: [number]


Your login is: [number].

Congratulations, you have just created your application account. The next stage is submitting the required information and documentation for the Doctoral School qualification process, in your chosen discipline. The instructions for this second stage are available here.