Feel Like Doing a PhD?

Free Summer School for Doctoral Applicants

12-14 July, 2021

Don’t miss an excerpt from Prof. Helen Sword’s great workshop!

S U M M E R    S C H O O L   P R O G R A M

July 12th


Introduction to Poland
and Polish culture
Prof. Maciej Eder


Doctoral education in Poland Prof. Tomasz Sikora
Prof. Piotr Pokora


New technologies in academia:
realities, challenges, directions
Prof. Anna Turula

July 13th

9:00 – 12:15

Developing a strong doctoral research proposal Prof. Helen Sword

12:30 – 14:00

Databases and other academic tools for researchers Prof. Władysław Marek Kolasa
Prof. Tomasz Sikora

July 14th


Doctoral School recruitment
and study program
Prof. Tomasz Sikora


Q&A session with members of selection boards You can get advice on how to make your research proposal more competitive in your discipline.


Meeting with current international Doctoral School students You can ask any questions concerning the experience of being a doctoral student at our University!


Online team game featuring multicultural Krakow

IMPORTANT: all times refer to the Polish time zone.


For a good start, here’s a short lesson by Helen Sword on ‘zombie nouns’:

What they say about us

PhD student